VitalNet™ Positive Train Control Solutions

Ansaldo STS USA (ASTS USA) began the development and implementation of a fully-integrated vital Positive Train Control (PTC) solution years before the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The PTC knowledge and experience gained through that process has led to the development of ASTS USA's new VitalNet™ PTC Solution.

The VitalNet PTC Solution encompasses a family of vital wayside, onboard and office systems that enable you to meet the federally mandated PTC regulations with minimal disruption to your existing signaling infrastructure.  The solution was designed for implementation on freight and commuter railroads, in the North East Corridor and on closed-loop or stand-alone railroads.

The VitalNet PTC Solution includes:

  • MicroLok® II VitalNet CPU (VitalNet CPU)
  • VitalNet Wayside Interface Unit (VitalNet WIU)
  • VitalNet Wayside Messaging Server (VitalNet WMS)
  • VitalNet Current Sensor
  • VitalNet Point Monitor
  • VitalNet Office Safety Server (VitalNet OSS)
  • VitalNet Onboard Computer (VitalNet Cab)
  • MicroTrax® Track Circuit 


Your Positive Train Control solution is closer than you think.